5 Korean Celebs Who Married Non-Celebrities

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5 Korean Celebs Who Married Non-Celebrities

With many idols in relationships in the public eye, some have found their person outside of the spotlight.

Dating can prove to be difficult when watched in the public eye. But, some have managed to keep their love life quiet and simple, with partners who are just everyday people. Here are five Korean celebrities who married non-celebrities.

Chen – EXO

EXO Chen

Starting off with one of the most famous instances as of recently, Chen from EXO announced that he had married his long-time non-celebrity girlfriend in secret in 2020.

EXO’s Chen Reveals He Is Getting Married

Chen and his wife have two children, one born in 2020 and another born in 2022.

Shin Joo Ah

The actress married Thai business man Sarawut Rachanakul in 2014. Despite the initial controversy surrounding their marriage, questioning the motive behind their relationship, the two manage to live a lavish and successful lifestyle in Thailand.

Bada – S.E.S

Bada at a press conference before her wedding ceremony | Yonhap

Bada is the last member of the iconic first generation girl group, S.E.S, to get married. What’s known about her non-celebrity husband is that he’s a businessman in the food industry, he is ten years younger, and is somehow said to resemble actor Park Bo Gum.

The couple had a daughter in 2020.

Park Eunji – Nine Muses

Four years after leaving the group, Nine Muses, Park Eunji married her non-celebrity boyfriend in 2018.

The couple had a private ceremony in which Eunji took to Instagram to share some moments from the event.

She had her first child in 2019, and her second in 2022. She often updates fans on social media about her family.

Park Eunji with her husband and daughter. | @eunvely_park/Instagram

Shim Changmin – TVXQ

TVXQ Changmin | Hankook Ilbo

2020 seems to be the year for Korean celebrities to tie the knot. It’s no different for TVXQ Changmin when he married his non-celebrity girlfriend in October of that year. He announced his engagement earlier in June.

The two also have their own family. His child was born in 2022.

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