5 Insanely Famous Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were A Part Of SNL Cast

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5 Insanely Famous Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were A Part Of SNL Cast

Everybody has to start somewhere.

If there’s one show that has seen more celebrities in its cast than any other, it’s Saturday Night Live. Not only is it a favorite way to spend the evening for many families across the United States, but it’s also a great hub for young actors and comedians to launch their careers.

Although it’s not easy to get into Saturday Night Live, there are plenty of celebrities who would tell you that the experience is worth it in a heartbeat.

Here are 5 Hollywood A-listers you won’t remember from Saturday Night Live.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy had to try hard to get into Saturday Night Live but was very soon praised for his comedy. He’s one of the actors who are recognized for helping to revitalize the show and bring it to the long-forgotten glory in the early ‘80s.

Robert Downey Jr

Not many people would remember that before becoming Marvel’s greatest treasure and portraying Iron Man Robert Downey Jr was considered to be a comedic actor. He didn’t spend too much time on SNL, but those 16 episodes that he was starring in from 1985 to 1986 are definitely worth checking out.

Adam Sandler

While many other cast members and writers had to try out for SNL, Adam Sandler was already making himself a name in the industry when he got recommended to Lorne Michaels, the show’s producer. He was hired as a writer first but in a year made his first appearance as a cast member on screen.

Jimmy Fallon

We are all used to seeing Jimmy Fallon as the host of his own celebrity show, but unlike many other presenters, he had a great opportunity to try himself in a role by interviewing celebrities on Saturday Live Night… but doing it in an even more comedic manner.

Jason Sudeikis

For many of those who don’t watch mainstream TV, Jason Sudeikis is Ted Lasso, a kind-spirited but very emotionally scarred football coach. However, Sudeikis’ career started long before Ted Lasso was even an idea, as the actor and writer spent almost 8 years in the Saturday Night Live cast.

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