5 fashion Moments of Youngji Lee   

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5 fashion Moments of Youngji Lee   
5 fashion Moments of Youngji Lee   

Recently, Youngji Lee became a global ambassador for the luxe brand Coach, which is counted as the first collaboration between a South Korean and the brand. The South Korean artist and rapper is mostly known for her candid personality and unique fashion sense.

The rapper has been featured in Cosmopolitan Korea, Vogue, Harper Bazer, and many other fashion brands. What particularly entices fans about her aesthetic are her rainbow-painted Chinese bangs, enlarged nail extensions, and whimsical facial poses.

Throughout her Instagram, she has posted numerous snaps and videos of her fashion photoshoots, music, and unfiltered selfies. Many a time, the artist has posed before the lens with her utmost feminine expression showing her exquisite fashion sense.

According to Coach’s creative director Stuart Vevers, Youngji’s candid aura perfectly aligns with Coach’s vision, which drove the brand to collaborate with the 20-year-old artist.

In celebration of her collaboration with Coach, here are five of Youngji Lee’s most interesting fashion moments.

From a hippie tomboyish look to an exquisite model face, Youngji Lee exhibits versatility in her fashion moments

1) A piece of denim as a regular look

The first look features Lee in a casual denim outfit as she poses near a window.

In a photo shared on her Instagram account, she wore a black body-hugging fleece top with denim and created two separate looks, while keeping the core the same. In the first look, she kept her hair straight which conveys the haute inclination, whereas with her curly hair, she portrayed a slightly different version of herself.

Just to keep it very simple and basic, she added some funky rings with a chain necklace. Throughout this look, her black and white painted nails and rainbow-colored bangs are visible.

2) That wild visage

When it comes to expressions, Lee seems to be an expert. Most of her shared pictures are candid and funny, but in this particular post, this rapper looks pretty serious with her wild gaze.

She wore an animal-print skirt and paired it with a shiney brown corset top underneath a zipped crop jacket. Lee posed with a black ankle boot and kept her straight long brown hair open.

For this fashion moment, Youngji Lee looks bold n her animal-print mini-skirt.

3) A casual formal

Lee loves to experiment with different color schemes and outfits, which is reflected in this attire. Slightly bypassing her chirpy vibe, she accentuated the earthy tonal shades by adding a little jewelry.

She draped a gray slit dress accented with chain straps and layered an oversized blazer in the same color. She kept her hair clipped on in a messy way and paired metallic earrings to keep things aligned.

For footwear, she added a white pair of sneakers and socks that provided a casual look.

4) Bold in black

In 2021, Lee’s song ‘The Day and Night’ featured in MAMA’s top 100 songs, and she announced it through an Instagram carousel post. In this series of carousels, she also uploaded one of her boldest looks.

She wore black hot pants along with a crop top in cross laced design and topped it with a dark leather jacket. That partly painted Navy blue jacket and Youngji’s expression added boldness, and her furry high-length boot attached extra drama to this look.

Over everything, the rainbow patches in her hair looked pretty unique, and as the accessories, she added rings and a sleek neck chain.

5) Extra feminine with a pink sequin skirt

For a vogue shoot, Youngji chose Barbie-core. In the series of Vogue photos, she was photographed in different outfits, mostly in plaided prints. However, this particular outfit stands out as it is a combination of plaids and sequins.

Lee in pink sequin skirt ( image via Instagram/Youngji Lee)

She draped a pink sequin mini-skirt with a plaid short-sleeved crop top. Among everything, her pink pumps complemented the whole attire. In a kitchen, she posed with some cats.

This young Korean rapper seems pretty versatile in both her music and fashion. To provide a rapper vibe often she is spotted in baggy pants and oversized t-shirt. She also knows how to wear a sleek dress. However, her cheerful personality gets caught every time in her BTS shots, which justifies her ‘be yourself’ vibe perfectly.

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