13 Of The Weirdest Times Celebrities Splurged Their Wealth

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13 Of The Weirdest Times Celebrities Splurged Their Wealth


Wealthy people splurge on luxuries all the time, it is practically expected of them. But what they decide to splurge on is not always what people are expecting. It always raises a few eyebrows when stars spit thousands of dollars on gold toilets and Bengal tigers.

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Sure, nothing is shocking about a celebrity buying a private jet or villa near the French Riviera, but what about $1000 for a plane ticket for a hat? Or $2 million for a humidifier? Or $10,000 for holy water? Yes, these are real receipts for celebrities like Madonna, Bono, Johnny Depp, Celine Dion, and many others.


13/13 Celine Dion’s $2 Million Humidifier

That $2 million humidifier previously mentioned? Yes, that is a real purchase made by the Canadian diva. The author of the hit soundtrack to Titanic felt the device was needed to keep her vocal cords healthy and working. How it differs from a standard Vick’s humidifier? Who knows…

12/13 The $3 Million Funeral Johnny Depp Paid For

One should be so lucky to befriend a star like Johnny Depp because he can honor your final wish to have your ashes shot out of a canon. Depp’s friend, Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, wanted his remains to be fired into the sky to fireworks and his favorite song “Mr. Tamborine Man,” by Bob Dylan. Depp spent $3 million on the service.

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11/13 Kanye West’s $750,000 Gold Commode

Surprising no one, Ye makes some very lavish purchases. He bought a truckload of roses in a feeble attempt to win back his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and that is just one example. But his need for gold-plated toilets ended up costing him well over $700,000. $700,000, for a device that collects human waste.

10/13 Lady Gaga’s Super Pricey Michael Jackson Fandom

The late king of pop had many famous fans, among them was Lady Gaga. Gaga splurged over $300,000 on merch from Jackson’s estate, including $100,000 on one of Jackson’s iconic jewel-encrusted white gloves.

9/13 Mike Tyson’s $140,000 Tiger

No, it wasn’t just a bit for The Hangover, Mike Tyson really did purchase Bengal tigers in 1992. Tyson was forced to sell his tigers after one tried to eat his neighbor’s dog. Tyson is said to have spent $140,000 on the jungle cats.

8/13 Miley Cyrus’s Range Rover For Dogs

Cyrus does not make the news thanks to her wealth very often, but she did when she bought a $133,000 Range Rover for her dogs. No, the dogs don’t drive the car, she does, but the dogs are allowed to run wild in the vehicle and get hair and slobber wherever they want.

7/13 Madonna’s Water Budget Is $10,000 A Month

Some argue that people should not have to pay for water because it is so vital to human life. But that does not stop Madonna from budgeting $10,000 a month on bottled water. Why can’t she just get it from the tap like the rest of us? Well, that is because Madonna and her family only drink blessed Kabbalah holy water.

6/13 The Time Kim K Made Her Lamborghini Fluffy

How much she spent to customize her car is unknown, but it could not have been cheap. Kim K raised the eyebrow of many gearheads when she covered her $200,000 Lamborghini with white fluff, both inside and out.

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5/13 Kim Basinger Bought A Town

It might sound like the plot line to a rip-off of Schitt’s Creek, but Kim and a few investors did buy massive acreage of the town of Braselton, Georgia in the 1990s. The land was sold off when Bassinger filed for bankruptcy in 1995.

4/13 Beyoncé’s $100,000 Gold Leggings

They don’t call her Queen B for nothing and a queen will always go for the gold. That is not a metaphor, Beyoncé did indeed spend $100,000 on gold leggings for her 2007 performance at the BET awards.

3/13 Bono’s Hat Flys To Italy In Luxury

We’ve all been on a flight where you have to fight for the armrest, get stuck in a middle seat, or end up sitting next to someone who can’t take the hint you don’t want to talk and just want to sleep through the flight. Well, imagine treating yourself to a first-class ticket and having to sit next to a hat. The lead singer of U2 forgot his favorite hat for a concert in Italy. He had it flown via British Airways for $1,500 and even got it a cab from the airport to the concert.

2/13 Johnny Depp Likes His Wine, A LOT!

Depp has been rather loose with his money at times, many of his weird spending habits came to light during his lawsuit against Amber Heard. For years, Depp had a notoriously high wine budget, coming to around $30,000 a month. That figure was released before his lawsuit, and according to the testimony of Depp’s business manager during the trial, his wine budget has “fallen to practically zero.”

One cannot Google the words, “Floyd Mayweather spends…” and not get at least one story about the boxer’s exuberant purchases. Mayweather spends money with little to no afterthought. Mayweather once bought 29 Rolls Royces which were all the same model, an $18 million diamond wristwatch, he spends at least $1000 on meals, and he once racked up a $25k bar tab after one party.


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