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11 Celebrities Who Are Standing Against Anti-Drag, Anti-Trans Bills

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11 Celebrities Who Are Standing Against Anti-Drag, Anti-Trans Bills

Elliot Page

The Umbrella Academy actor took to Instagram to repost a video from trans rights lawyer Chase Strangio who posted a clip explaining the anti-transgender rights bills popping up across the U.S.

LeBron James

The basketball star retweeted a video of Oklahoma state senator Nathan Dahm making a mockery of himself in a recent appearance on Apple TV+’s The Problem with Jon Stewart when he got tripped up in his own mental gymnastics around his logic on guns and drag queens.

Pedro Pascal

On Instagram, the Last of Us and Mandalorian star raised his Pride flag to show his support for trans people.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Long-time activist and LGBTQ+ supporter Jamie Lee Curtis, who has a transgender daughter, also raised her voice.


The drag icon took to MSNBC took call out the anti-trans and anti-drag bills that have appeared in Tennessee and other states.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade showed their undying support for trans daughter Zaya in this epic photo shoot.

Melissa McCarthy

The comedy icon wasn’t having the Republican hypocrisy and pointed out how a certain group is fine with being entertained by drag queens, but only a certain type of drag performer.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart had to have wondered if he should have mercy on the state legislator who fell apart under the comedian’s careful questioning.


As a peaceful protest against a law the state had just passed targeting drag shows, the raucous country rock group performed at The Shed Smokehouse & Juke Joint in Maryville, Tenn., last Thursday while wearing dresses, the Dallas Observerreports.

Shania Twain

“We need drag queens to share their talent with us,” Shania Twain told GLAAD during the interview.

George Lopez

“If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re an enemy of mine,” Lopez said during an appearance on The View.

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