10 On-Screen Bollywood Friends Who Deserve A Film Of Their Own

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10 On-Screen Bollywood Friends Who Deserve A Film Of Their Own
10 On-Screen Bollywood Friends Who Deserve A Film Of Their Own


‘Dosti’ seems to be an important theme in most Bollywood films. And, we’ve seen some iconic friendships that are now used as examples in life. A lot of these friends in movies are a constant support, who help the primary character deal with anything and everything that life has to offer. But, they are more than that, at least they can be – if they get a substantial story arc.

These characters have a personality that’s different from the ‘main’ character, with conflicts of their own. And, here are some friends who totally deserve a film of their own:

1. Rana from Piku

Irrfan’s character Rana was important to the film. The plot that develops with Piku and Rana finding comfort and support in their friendship, also gives us a glimpse of Rana’s personal life. He’s shown as a witty and layered character, which creates a sense of curiosity of knowing more about him. Perhaps, a spin-off would’ve been perfect.

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2. Circuit from Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

Circuit started off a pattern of important sidekicks in Bollywood movies. And, we also found a loveable goon in him, who wasn’t exactly villainized. Arshad Warsi even managed to create his own space despite being a right-hand man to Sanjay Dutt’s character. So, a film with his back story and a separate character arc sounds interesting.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.
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3. Raju from 3 Idiots 

3 Idiots definitely had moments which were the epitome of on-screen friendships. Through the course of the film, we get an idea of the backgrounds of each character, including Raju. He had his own conflicts – both internal and external. This also why seeing his journey, and the aftermath of things through his perspective could make a separate film. 

 3 Idiots
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4. Laxmi from Wake Up Sid 

Wake Up Sid was a lot about college friendships and how they evolve with time. While Siddharth was on a journey of realization, we also saw Laxmi as more than just his support-system. Portrayed by Shikha Talsania, Laxmi talks about her own issues in a scene – and how she has a life other than being Sid’s friend. The character had a limited screen space, but she managed to somewhat intrigue us in the little time.

Wake Up Sid
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5. Aditi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Aditi was Bunny and Naina’s friend, also a supporting character. But, there’s a lot that goes on in her life, throughout the course of the film. And, it always seemed to me that her story was rushed. She went on a journey of self-realization, which changed her as a person, and she met new people on this journey. Her character definitely deserves a spin-off.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
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6. Pappi from Tanu Weds Manu

Pappi was actually a supportive friend to R. Madhavan’s Manoj. He was constantly there for him, even if it meant embarrassing himself. The character was loveable, funny and actually managed to make a difference to the plot. And, honestly anything to see more of Deepak Dobriyal on-screen.

Tanu Weds Manu
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7. Percy from Main Hoon Na

Percy was hands down the nicest character in Main Hoon Na. He rooted for one girl and liked her for who she was – and honestly had more personality than Laxman. While we only saw him crushing over Sanjana and being a nice friend, his individual story arc would be a lot more interesting, even different from most Bollywood films.

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8. Sweetu from Kal Ho Naa Ho

Sweetu was shown as this jhalli neighbour and friend, who was also Naina’s punching bag. Her issues and conflict in the plot were used for comic relief, which made them look less important. But, a separate story that focuses on the equation with her sister and the issues that she deals with, is the Bollywood film we need. 

 Kal Ho Naa Ho
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9. Veena from Sharmaji Namkeen

Juhi Chawla’s character Veena, is shown as someone who understands Sharmaji as he explores life in the new phase. But, there’s a lot going on in her own life. She’s a boutique owner who likes to spend her time working or surrounding herself with people, after the death of her husband. And, she also adjusts to life, one day at a time. A film where she’s the primary character, sounds as sweet and namkeen as the original.

Sharmaji Namkeen
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10. Bittu from Stree

While Aparshakti Khurana is Bollywood’s new favourite ‘hero ka dost’, he manages to bring a different nuance to all the similar characters. Bittu’s character in Stree is definitely the kind of friend who knows and understands people, even if they have differing opinions. His personality was wired differently from all the other characters, and watching the adventures of Bittu sure sounds fun.

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They were more than just sidekicks.


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