10 Movies to Watch if You ‘Loved Red, White & Royal Blue’

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10 Movies to Watch if You ‘Loved Red, White & Royal Blue’

Red, White & Royal Blue is the latest romantic comedy on the block. Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez play the Prince of the United Kingdom and the son of the United States President, and the film chronicles their romantic relationship following a classic enemies-to-loves trope.



Rom-coms are a reliable source of entertainment for audiences. They will always love a classic love story about people falling in love, even if the premise is admittedly silly. For those who loved Red, White & Royal Blue and are in the mood for more love stories, numerous films with similar premises, themes, or tropes will surely scratch that itch.

10 ‘What a Girl Wants (2003)

2000s teen superstar Amanda Bynes stars opposite Oscar-winner and perennial stoic Englishman Colin Firth in the 2003 teen rom-com What a Girl Wants. The plot follows Daphne, an American teenager who travels to England to meet her estranged father, Lord Henry Dashwood, a member of the British upper class with political aspirations.

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A classic of the teen genre, What a Girl Wants is a classic tale of cultures clashing with a healthy dose of silly drama. Bynes is a ray of sunshine as the free-spirited Daphne, while Firth is at his Firth-iest as the proper Lord Dashwood. Fans of Red, White & Royal Blue will surely love What a Girl Wants, especially because both films share similar DNAs.

9 ‘The Prince & Me’ (2004)

Julia Stiles and Luke Mably as Paige and Eddie in The Prince & Me

Red, White & Royal Blue is far from the first film about a prince falling for a commoner. 2004’s The Prince & Me follows Paige, an ambitious student who falls for the bookish Eddie, only to discover he is the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark. As they both struggle to make things work, they must decide if there’s a way for them to be together.

The Prince & Me launched an unlikely franchise, spawning three direct-to-video sequels and confirming that audiences love a royal love story. The Prince & Me might’ve not redefined the rom-com genre in the 2000s, but it is a sweet and pleasant romance for fans looking to be swept off their feet.

8 ‘Bros’ (2022)

billy eichner luke macfarlane bros social
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Billy Eichner co-wrote and stars in Bros opposite Luke Macfarlane. The plot centers on two men with commitment and intimacy issues who decide to give their relationship a shot. Directed by Nicholas Stoller and produced by Judd Apatow, the film features an openly LGBTQ+ principal cast.

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Bros is funny, clever, and romantic, a modern depiction of gay love that ranks among the best rom-coms of the past year. Eichner and Macfarlane make for an inspired couple, while the screenplay makes the most out of its R-rating with several laugh-out-loud moments. Fans looking for more gay love stories after watching Red, White & Royal Blue can’t go wrong with Bros.

7 ‘First Daughter’ (2004)

Katie Holmes and Marc Blucas in First Daughter

Katie Holmes plays Samantha MacKenzie, the daughter of the United States President, in the 2004 romantic comedy First Daughter. The plot chronicles her experiences attending college and her blossoming romance with James Lansome, a fellow student and her resident advisor.

First Daughter is not the best teen rom-com, but it’s a fun and funny romantic effort featuring one of Holmes’ most likable performances. The love story is surprisingly strong, as Holmes and Marc Blucas share a sweet and entertaining banter that further distinguishes the film from similar entries in the genre. The film was released in the same year as another movie with a similar plot, Chasing Liberty, a rom-com starring Mandy Moore.

6 ‘Fire Island (2022)

fire island cast 2022

Joel Kim Booster wrote and stars in the 2022 gay rom-com Fire Island. A modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice, the plot follows five gay friends on vacation in Fire Island, where they meet a group of snobbish and handsome guys that will challenge their views on love and class.

Fire Islandadds a modern spin to a classic story, resulting in a narratively complex and rewarding queer romantic comedy. Aided by Booster and an outstanding cast, including the always-welcome Bowen Yang, Fire Islandis thought-provoking, intelligent, steamy, and hilarious – the perfect romantic comedy to watch after Red, White & Royal Blue.

5 ‘The Young Victoria (2009)

Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria

Movies about real royals are a favorite of Hollywood, and they usually come with a healthy dose of fiction. However, The Young Victoria tries to stick as closely to history as possible, chronicling the early reign of Queen Victoria and her timeless romance with Prince Albert with patience and faithfulness.

Emily Bluntshines as the titular character, playing a more subdued and fragile version of the monarch, especially when paired with Rupert Friend as her one true love. The Young Victoria might be overly sentimental, but the film successfully portrays a loving and devastatingly charming love story that fans of royalty and romance will find irresistible.

4 ‘The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)

Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine as Mia & Nicholas in ‘The Princess Diaries 2- Royal Engagement’ (1)

Oscar-winners Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews re-teamed for The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, the sequel to their 2001 hit The Princess Diaries. Set in Genovia in the days leading to Mia’s coronation, the plot follows her attempts to secure a husband after she learns an unmarried woman cannot ascend to the throne.

The Princess Diaries 2 is far from perfect; however, the film makes the most out of its premise, largely thanks to its stellar cast, including Chris Pine as the charming scoundrel Nicholas. Pine and Hathaway have an undeniable, explosive chemistry so powerful that it can almost make audiences forget they’re watching a Disney movie.

3 ‘Alex Strangelove’ (2018)

Alex and Elliott lying in bed together in Alex Strangelove.

Craig Johnson‘s 2018 romantic comedy Alex Strangelove is a modern classic of queer cinema. The plot centers on Alex Truelove, a high school senior planning to lose his virginity to his best-friend-turned girlfriend. However, things change when he meets Elliot, a charming and confident gay teen who makes him question his sexuality.

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Funny, intelligent, heartwarming, thoughtful, and above all romantic, Alex Strangelove is nothing short of a queer masterpiece. The film is bold and unapologetically earnest with its depiction of teen love and sexuality, offering a refreshing and mature take on a topic few teen movies can do justice to.

2 ‘Handsome Devil’ (2016)

Fionn O'Shea and Nicholas Galitzine in Handsome Devil

Fans who loved Red, White & Royal Blue should watch Nicholas Galitzine’s breakthrough role in the 2016 coming-of-age dramedy Handsome Devil. The story follows Ned, an ostracized student at an all-boys, rugby-obsessed Irish boarding school, who develops an unexpected bond with Conor, his new roommate and the school’s star player.

A powerful and tender exploration of sexuality, friendship, and adolescence, Handsome Devil is the rare teen movie that is as insightful as its entertaining. Galitzine and co-star Fionn O’Sheacraft a loving and emotional bond that leaps out of the screen, making Handsome Devil a true gem of modern queer cinema.

1 ‘Roman Holiday (1953)

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in 'Roman Holiday'

Classic Hollywood icons Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck star in William Wyler‘s Roman Holiday, one of cinema’s most enduring romantic comedies. Hepburn won an Oscar for her portrayal of Ann, the princess of an unnamed European nation, who escapes her palace to spend a day of leisure in Rome. She is joined by Joe, a reporter looking for an exclusive with the elusive royal.

Famous for its witty dialog, charming plot, and bittersweet ending, Roman Holiday is a staple of the romantic genre. Hepburn’s now-iconic performance as Princess Ann remains delightful and winning, while her chemistry with Peck is as charming today as it was in 1953. Roman Holiday is an all-time great rom-com and a logical, if slightly more cynical, companion for a film like Red, White & Royal Blue.

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