10 Low Budget Horror Movies That Deserve Remakes

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10 Low Budget Horror Movies That Deserve Remakes

While movie remakes are popular across genres (Anyone remember the 2018 remake of Garry Marshall’s “Overboard”?), the horror genre is especially susceptible. The genre is unique insofar as its scares endure more than most. Where comedies and action movies, for instance, are inextricably linked to their time of release, a scary movie is a scary movie. With a fresh coat of paint, what was new three decades ago can seem fresh again.

A curious contemporary trend has emerged in which relatively recent titles are remade just a few years after their original releases. Released just 14 years after the first “Cabin Fever,” the remake used the exact script as the original. Recently, horror filmmaker Anthony Diblasi released “Malum” in select theaters. “Malum,” a remake of Diblasi’s 2014 indie “Last Shift,” isn’t quite a shot-for-shot remake so much as it is a reimagining. With more money and more experience, Diblasi revisits his demonic fable in a new context.

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