10 Celebrities with Awesome Private Jets

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10 Celebrities with Awesome Private Jets

Many individuals and businesses use private jets. These offer many advantages, most prominently convenience and time-saving. For celebrities, or anyone in the public focus, privacy is a significant consideration. Celebrity jet use is often the most reported, given their popularity and frequent media coverage. This article looks at some of the most interesting and unusual jet ownership.



1 John Travolta – extensive aircraft collection

John Travolta has to be near the top of any list of private jet users (and aircraft lovers). The Hollywood actor is also a qualified airline pilot, owning a large fleet of private aircraft. These include a Bombardier Challenger 601, a Boeing 727, an Eclipse 500, a Dassault Falcon 900, and three Gulfstream jets. Travolta also has a property that any aircraft owner would love! His mansion in Ocala, Florida, with direct access to two private runways.

Most famously, he previously owned a Boeing 707 aircraft. This was a Boeing 707-138B, which once flew with Qantas. Travolta acquired the aircraft from the Australian carrier on a rental agreement before the airline handed him the jet as part of his brand ambassador role. It was converted into a luxury private jet, with seats for just 15 guests, and boasted two bedrooms and a full-size bathroom. The 57-year-old Boeing 707 was donated to Australia’s Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) in 2017 for renovation and display.

2 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is another famous Hollywood actor who is a serious aviation enthusiast. He owns at least two private aircraft. The first of these is a Gulfstream IV jet. The Gulfstream IV is one of the classic early private jets from the manufacturer, produced from 1985.

Cruise also owns a classic P-51 Mustang aircraft. The iconic fighter was built just after the Second World War (in 1946), and Cruise bought it in 2001. This was one of the aircraft that flew in the latest Top Gun: Maverick movie.

3 Oprah Winfrey

Many celebrities own a business jet, but Oprah Winfrey stands out for possessing one of the latest (and most expensive, at around $75 million) jets – the Gulfstream G650. This is a long-range capable jet that can accommodate up to 16 passengers.

She is reported to have spent around $10 million on top of the aircraft price to customize it for herself. Oprah previously owned a Bombardier Global Express jet, switching manufacturers when upgrading aircraft in 2016.

4 Elon Musk

It is not surprising that the world’s richest man (in July 2023 at least) also owns one of the best private jets. Elon Musk has a private Gulfstream G650 (with registration N628TS). Fellow business mogul and Amazon founder Jett Bezos also owns a Gulfstream G650 jet.

Musk has owned the G650 since 2016, and it was this aircraft that saw Musk offer a student $5,000 in a bid to stop being tracked. He is reportedly planning to upgrade to the newest Gulfstream G700 jet soon.

It is tough at the top, though. His rival for the wealthiest person in the world, the French owner of Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault, sold his private jet in 2022 following increasing attention from activists and flight trackers.

5 Donald Trump – Boeing 757

With his presidency and frequent media coverage of his life afterward, Donald Trump’s private jet is frequently seen. Trump has gone much larger than the standard private jet with his own Boeing 757. This was purchased from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2011.

Donald Trump's Boeing 757 flying in the sky.

Photo: Markus Mainka | Shutterstock

The aircraft is fitted out with two bedrooms, a lounge and dining area, and meeting space and can accommodate up to 32 passengers. There are reportedly leather seats, Waterford crystal lamps, and gold-plated seatbelt buckles. The aircraft took a three-year break while Trump primarily used the plane commonly referred to as “Air Force One” during his presidency, but was back in the air again in mid-2022 with a new paint job.

6 Mark Cuban

Another celebrity who has opted for big jets is Mark Cuban. The internet businessman, Shark Tank investor, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks also has two private aircraft. These are a Gulfstream G550 and a Boeing 757-200.

He purchased the Gulfstream jet online in 1999. At $40 million, this made a world record for the largest single e-commerce transaction. The Boeing 757 is used for team transport and reportedly has been fitted out with a weight room, special meeting set-ups, and space for medical treatments, as well as coaching and connectivity resources.

Cuban previously owned a widebody Boeing 767 aircraft too. This was used by the team, as well as for private charter. But that aircraft was withdrawn and scrapped in 2021, however.

7 Drake

Sticking with larger aircraft, the Canadian rapper Drake has a private Boeing 767-200ER with registration N767CJ. Actually, it is owned by Ontario-based Cargojet as part of a free-publicity deal for the airfreight company,

“Air Drake” is luxuriously fitted with velvet sofas, a fully carpeted floor, gold and wood surfaces, a full-mirror wall, an entertainment room, and three fully-enclosed private suites.

8 Kylie Jenner

American socialite and businesswoman Kylie Jenner may not own the most expensive or unusual private jet, but she certainly has made headlines with usage. In 2020, Stratos Jet Charters listed her as the 10th biggest private jet user globally (Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Angela Merkel topped the list). She owns a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. This was built in 2019 and is registered N810KJ. Her partner and rapper Travis Scott owns an Embraer ERJ-190.

As a socialite, Kylie regularly posts about her lifestyle online – which has generated mixed reactions recently. Criticism of her excessive jet use and seemingly dismissive treatment of its environmental impact shows well the shift in attitudes towards celebrities and their private travel.

9 Taylor Swift

The singer owns two Dassault private jets. One of these is a Dassault Falcon 900LX model – the most up-to-date variant of the Falcon 900. She purchased the aircraft for around $40 million in 2011. It previously had the number 13 painted by the nose – unlucky for some, Swift has an affinity for the number 13 for several reasons, including her birthday (December 13th) and her debut album going Gold in 13 weeks. Her other jet is a Falcon 7X (registration: N621MM).

Like Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift has attracted adverse attention over jet use. Swift was alleged to have made around 170 private jet trips in just seven months during 2022, but a representative refuted these claims by pointing out that Swift rents out her jet when not in use.

10 Jim Carrey

Comedian and Hollywood actor Jim Carrey owns a Gulfstream V jet that was built in 1988 and registered as N162JC. Carrey purchased the plane for $59 million in 2006. Carrey loves flying private; in 2020, he was the 14th biggest spender on private jet travel. He has equipped his jet with an understated and refined look. There is a sizable galley, an open bar area, multiple entertainment systems, and even a PlayStation.

Many other celebrities and VIPs own private jets – this has just been a selection of 10 of the most interesting. Feel free to discuss these – and others – further in the comments section.

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